Sustainable travel is at the heart of the Rustik ethos. Creating livelihoods, protecting the environment and preserving culture are the pillars of sustainable travel. The Channapatna community comprises of artisans involved in the craft of making wooden-toys, is struggling to make ends meet with the onslaught of the pandemic.
In these difficult times, we thought we could all do our little bit. We may not be able to travel there to show our support, but even our thoughts and efforts could make a difference to their lives. We have partnered with in creating some unique experiences which would allow you to better understand their craft and history.
It’s quite simple really. For every experience you participate in, we will make a donation to Channapatna on your behalf., a gamified engagement platform, partnered with Rustik Travel Ventures in conceptualizing and gamifying the experiences to increase customer awareness and building a deeper connect with the Channapatna community.
Join us in making a difference. Your time counts more than you could imagine. Click here to support.

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