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Aluminium Bottle 0.75 L with Screw Top – Red/Black


Simple, durable, traditional aluminium flask with screw cap (0.75 L) just right for hiking and other trips.

Directions for use

Use a specially designed, insulating cover if you want to keep liquids cool in your flask. This flask can be used for hot drinks but they will cool quickly. Also suitable for fizzy drinks. Do not use with fatty substances (dairy products, oils) or acidic drinks (fruit juice, energy drinks). Do not put in microwave or freezer; do not expose to naked flames or other heat sources.

The stopper has a hole for carrying it in your hand or to hang it with a snap hook.

Care instructions
Clean your water bottle after each use with a conventional washing-up liquid and water. The product may also be placed in the dishwasher if necessary. Leave the bottle and top to dry separately and fully.

First time use
Rinse the entire product 3 times with clean water before using it for the first time.

Materials and regulations
Our products and materials meet food contact norms and standards currently in force.

Weight and dimensions
Volume: 0.75 litre Dimensions:  7.5 cm x 24 cm Weight: 114g

Storage advice
Wash and dry before storing. Store without closing. Store in a clean and dry place.

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Water is an amazing compound, chemically.  Scientists believe that most of it is alien and has been brought over by comets and meteors colliding with earth over millions of years. But it became an important pre-cursor to life on earth and the very reason we exist. Therefore, it is our responsibility to conserve water for the future generations. 

Plastics are the main source of pollution in the oceans harming the marine life as well. The great garbage patches that are floating around the world are more than a million sq. km in area and are composed of plastic that are more than 50 years old. 

Through this product, we are also saying no to plastics or at least trying to minimise plastics. By adopting such products not only we are helping protect the environment but also sending out a message for other to be aware and act responsibly.

By ordering these Rustik Travel sippers and encouraging this initiative of ours of Sustainable Travel, you are taking one step ahead to avoid plastic bottles and in your own small way reducing non-biodegradable waste on our planet’s water bodies.

So next time you are traveling with it within the city or to any other place, remember that you are making a difference.

Happy travels!  

Additional information

Weight 0.114 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 24 cm

Black, Red


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